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Dear Mommy

Ellie E the Transitional Elephant

Ellie E the Transitional Elephant

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Myrah's favourite stuffie from the popular book Shawn's What If's can now be a part of your home. Ellie E is a unique toy designed by Dr. Robin Baweja herself. This ever so soft plush toy can now be a be part of your child's safety net.


This toy is exclusively designed as a transitional toy. The term transitional toy is used in the medical world to help parents and/or caregivers minimize the fear while being separated from them. The separation could be a journey to school, a birthday party or a trip to the grandparents.

Ellie E allows the child to feel safe and grounded during this transition. There are several features of the elephant that provide tips and constant reminders for the child.

1st feature -  On one paw of the elephant, there is a birthday cake with candles to remind your child to 'BLOW OUT HIS/HER CANDLE'S. This reinforces deep breathing during times of stress.

2nd feature - On the second paw of the elephant, there lies musical notes. These musical notes will remind your child to sing HIS/HER favorite song when there is fear.

3rd feature - Ellie's satchel. The satchel has an open and close function. that allows your child to place something small from the home such as a miniature toy. The parents can also write a sweet message and place it in the satchel for your child to read later.

4th feature - On the back of Ellie, there are various sensory zones that are shaped as a heart. This feature allows your child to feel and touch while they are facing challenges. Each heart represents a different color and texture.

5th feature - The most exciting feature of Ellie are the feet. There is a play and record function that allows the parent or caregiver to record and rerecord a 30 second long message. The child can also record words of encouragement for him/herself later to listen too. 

Ellie E is waiting to be part of your home. 

It has been designed to help in many settings such as the home, hospitals, dental and medical offices and of course, the classroom setting. 

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