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Meet Dr. Robin Baweja

Dr. Robin Baweja is a children's mental health specialist, physician and children's book author. She is the owner and founder of Dear Mommy. With years of experience as a pediatrician, Dr. Baweja has become a trusted advocate for child health, particularly in the realm of mental and emotional wellness. Through Dear Mommy she has curated a unique collection of children's mental health items, including toys, bags, and books, aimed at nurturing young minds.

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  • Nicole Jones, B.A

    “Dr. Robin Baweja's books and toys are a must have for all families. Her adept utilization of professional expertise to create narratives and resources addressing children's challenges of anxiety and acceptance is nothing short of inspirational and serves as a valuable resource for both children and parents. The integration of accompanying toys ensures an immersive experience, facilitating the seamless translation of the books' lessons into the real lives of young minds. As a professional who works with children myself, I cannot recommend these books and toys enough!”


    Nicole Jones, B.A

    Diagnostic Team Assistant

    Grandview Kids

  • Dr. Helen Wong

    “Dancing All the Way to Brave” introduced such an important topic for our children. I have never read such an honest and open children’s book on cultural racism and hope that this can be part of the curriculum for all schools. “Shawn’s What If’s” is also a new favourite of mine to introduce to my young patients who are struggling with new changes in their lives. It is a beautiful story that many little ones will be able to relate to and learn from the coping strategies Shawn uses in the book. Big feelings can be very difficult for young children to articulate. The Emotion plush cube will be a great way for children to identify and communicate their feelings in a more concrete way to caregivers. The softness and size of it will also be comforting to little ones to touch and hug.


    Dr. Helen Wong

    Board Certified Pediatrician


  • Dr. Tina Li

    "These books are great ways to start conversations with our kids about the important issues they face! Anxiety and encouraging acceptance for everyone's differences. 


    Dr. Tina Li

    Board Certified Pediatrician





    Simran Jeet Singh


    "This book can help open important conversations on bullying, allyship, and cultural racism. Really grateful to have it in our world."


    Simran Jeet Singh

    Author of Fauja Singh Keeps Going