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The E Cube

The E Cube

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Meet the Emotional Plush Cube. Designed by Dr. Robin Baweja herself, this soft plush toy helps children of ALL ages to help connect their inward and outward emotions. It is a great tool for schools, hospital settings, health clinics and homes.

The Emotional Cube has been designed to create a more tangible and practical way for children to explore their feelings. 

The 6 sided, extremely soft plush is a conversation piece. It can be used as a game for hours as the kids can playfully explore all sides of the cube. Each side represents the 6 powerful emotions. The emotions are then linked to the colors which also represents zones of regulation, terminology that is widely used in the school setting 

The Emotional cube can be used for children who are both verbal and non-verbal.

It is great tool for children who face challenges with emotional expression, speech delays, learning disabilities and/or cognitive delays. It can also be a great tool for children to help connect their inward to outward emotion. How does it feel to be nervous? How does your body tell you when you are sad ? 

It is designed to help children of ALL ages.  

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